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 "Go Above and Beyond All Expectations, One Puzzle Piece at a Time!."


 "Innovation almost always is not successful the first time out. You try something and it doesn't work and it takes confidence to say we haven't failed yet. Ultimately you become commercially successful."

Clayton Christensen, Harvard Business School

IT & Consulting Services

In today's world you need an outside source to help accomplish your business goals and piece it all together. Our staff is dedicated to our customers and do everything in their power to meet you goals and accomplish our "MISSION"

Project Management

  • We provide an overall vision of goals and objectives to team all members.
  • Provide schedules, milestones, and deliverables to all stakeholders.
  • Identify roles of each team member.
  • Establish procedures, and communicate project details.
  • Simplify communications, record-keeping, reporting, and lists out all potential problems.

Project Tracking

  • Roles and Responsibilities extend beyond auditing or tracking ongoing projects.
  • We ensure projects are on course and follow the approved methodology.

Project Support

  • Work together to define, maintain, and manage the smooth execution of the project.
  • Provide training in project management and the applied project tools to team members.
  • Provide remote and in-house consulting services on project related issues.

Business Analysis

Identifying business needs and determining solutions to business problems is what we do.  Solutions often include software development or installation, process improvement, organizational change or strategic planning, and policy development.  It's our goal to understanding the inner-workings of an organization-wide process or processes.  We improve, maintain, document, and execute a plan of action to complete the puzzle.  We enable change in an organization by defining your needs and recommending solutions that deliver value to all stakeholders.  Documentation of any process is a key to changing it.  Our Staff uses the latest tools to provide your business with a complete written and visual representation of how you operate.

Software Development

Whether your upgrading old software or looking to integrate new software, our developers are above the rest.  We have the ability to meet all your coding needs with a variety of languages.
We offer products like Rain Telecom Management and Work Flow Management Software Sage300ERP, SageCRM.  Let us review your existing software or implement new software depending on your business needs.